Social Media Experiment

I’ve decided that while I have some spare time I am going to try a social media experiment on Instagram and Twitter. 
I’m going to take the most popular hashtag and see how effective they are at building up traffic to the pages. 

I’ve started this already and use #makeup and took two pictures of some of my basic makeup and see how many likes they got and how many follows I get because of them because if people actually look at my profile they will see I’m the least makeup friendly person. 

The topics are:






This should be interesting. 


Project 365 – Again

Hi Guys,

Sorry I’ve been so distant for a while but I’ve been super busy with working and playing with my nephew 🙂

I’ve decided to take the Project 365 challenge back up again as this helps me keep my passion for photography alive. Here are the first 50ish photos of the year. Enjoy and remember to give my Insta a like for more up to date photos. It’s @lizzydrip91.


100 Days of Photos update.

Hi guys,

I’ve been keeping on track of my 100 day photography project but thought you’d all like to see what I’ve been up to. Enjoy 🙂

p.s remember if you want to keep updated on this project follow me on Instagram @lizzydrip91


How a photography project can help you fall back in love with photography.

It’s no secret that I love photography but since finishing uni I have fallen out of my passion and that’s a shame. A few years ago I used to do the Project 365 which is a year-long photography project where you take a photo a day.

I loved doing this and always got mad at myself for forgetting a day. (This happened a few times). I loved it so much that I did it for two years straight. I would have done it for a third year but felt with the final year of university I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with my work and the project so I decided against it.

Well, we also did photography during my final year and I fell deeper in love with the hobby but fell out of it after uni finished as I just had no urge to do it. So I decided two weeks ago to try a new photography project. The date also had to coincide with 100 days till Christmas so I started a photography project called 100 Days of Photos. 

It’s the same concept of the 365 but a bit shorter. Since I started it, I have fallen back in love with photography and now take my time in choosing shots and have gotten out a lot more to get that good shot for the day. So I’m passing on some advice.

1. Start Small.

Don’t just jump into a 365 project because you are more likely going to fail because you were unprepared and it’s easy to lose count. These projects are best started on January 1st. That way all you have to do is take a photo everyday.

I have had previous projects which have run for a month. These are good projects to do. Maybe start a project called October Bloom or something like that. Or even a week of photos called A week in my life. I don’t know but sometimes smaller is easier as it gets you into the habit.

2. You can pick a specific subject

Sometimes people take photos of themselves for a month. Sometimes they take photos of the sky or the leaves. These are all good places to start. I tend to take a photo of whatever has caught my eye that day. These range from flowers, rivers, walls or even amusing cups.

I’m not saying you need a subject but sometimes for guidance it does help.

3. Don’t worry about it

I used to get so annoyed at myself because I missed a day or got the numbers marked wrong. Don’t! It’s meant to be fun so enjoy it. If you miss a day or get muddled it’s fine. It’s all part of the process.

4. Equipment

Now you don’t need some fancy camera to do this project but it can help in capturing certain subject. Don’t worry too much because my past 16 photos have been captured using my phone.

I do recommend using Instagram if you’re using your phone to do these projects because it’s a great way to share you talent. I’ve had loads more views and likes since I started 15 days ago so it’s given me such a boost. Sometimes it’s nice to have that little bit of reassurance from strangers and it does keep you on track.

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Why the selfie gives self confidence

A selfie. Yes it’s a millennial thing which can be annoying but actually it does help people in every day life. Take me for example. I hated having my photograph taken. I was always behind the camera rather then in front of it.

Then the idea of selfies came around. I was reluctant at first but changed my mind once I saw how socially acceptable it became. My first selfie is really embarrassing. See for yourselves.


This was before the world of Snapchat. Now my selfies are much better.


But all this taking photos of myself or with a group of friends has really boosted my confidence. I am now happy to pose for photos and especially selfies. If I think I look good then I take a selfie. I might not share them but their there to remind me that I can look good and feel great.

A lot of the older generation seem to think that Selfies are a bad thing but I think they are a good way of getting a younger generation to love themselves. My nephew loves Snapchat (I know he’s only two) but everytime he uses it he smiles and giggles. It makes him feel happy so I don’t understand why thats such a bad thing.

I think that Selfies should become a new form of portraiture as some selfies are better then the standard portrait photograph. A real personality can shine through instead of being forced to do it and look awful.

They are also a good way to take a group photo with your friends to become memorable from a special occasion.

Selfies will be around for a few more years if not forever so I’ll enjoy the confidence burst while I can.