Why Parks and Recreation is the show you might have missed.

Now I’m late to the game when it comes to Parks and Recreation but I feel like I should have been watching this show from the very beginning and heres why:

1. The Concept

The concept is very much like the American version of ‘The Office’ except for a little less dry humour. Sometimes the humour is thrown in in such a childish way but it really works for this show. I believe this show is what kicked started another great show ‘Modern Family’


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2. The Cast.

Now that I have binged watched all seven seasons I can clearly see how the cast became a family and created some of the worlds biggest stars.

Chris Pratt is probably one of the biggest stars to come out of the show and it’s a well known fact that Chris Pratt was only meant to be on the show for one season but he had such charisma as his character that producers decided to keep him on for the rest of time which inevitably gave us one of our hottest movies stars who is still extremely funny and no one knows where Andy Dwyer stops and Chris Pratt begins.

Amy Pohler started from the beginning and we got to see her character go from extremely quirky to someone who really struggled to like her job to someone who couldn’t decide where to stay. At the beginning her character annoyed me a little but in the end I loved her.

Audrey Plaza plays April Ludgate who is my all time favourite character because she hates people. Maybe it’s because I can see myself in her sometimes or maybe by the end she slowly shows people that she’s not actually that mean and she does care.



The rest of the cast are amazing as well and they all have their little quirks whether it’s Toms new business plan or Ann trying to find the right one. Each add a different aspect to their character and thats what makes it such a good cast.

3. Garry, Jerry, Larry

Poor Garry (Jerry, Garry, Larry, Terry). The poor guy has been through hell working in that office. He’s the butt of all the jokes and mishaps that happen and his poor name changes. I’ll admit that I called him Jerry for ages. He went from – Garry -> Jerry -> Larry -> Terry -> Garry. This seven season running joke is the best one. He also receives a lot of abuse but in a nice way because he’s such a nice guy. Glad they gave him a nice family and a nice home. He deserved it.



4. The Storylines

The storylines were consistent. There was no confusion about what was going on but you could dip into an episode and not be too confused. When I first started watching the show I had read what were the best episodes to watch and they all said London Part one and Part two. So I dived into that episode and wasn’t confused at all. (Also highly recommended to watch that episode) and that whats so great. You can get a taste of the show from the any episode. When you watch the entire boxset you will understand why London also sets up for Chris Pratt’s temporary departure from the show (he was filming Guardians of the Galaxy at the time) and why it was important to show that within the show.


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So thats my reasons

Bonus reason could be because some of the lines are improvised and they make it in to the show. That rarely happens and when they do they are comedy gold.



Go and watch the show. You won’t be disappointed.


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