Autumn is the best season

Why I hear you ask. Well let me explain my reasoning.

1. The Trees, the leaves, the nature.

Well as we all know when Autumn hits the leaves start to change. They change from the typical green to a wonderful array of reds, yellows, oranges and browns. They then fall to the ground where they crunch under foot and I for one get a slight giddy feeling when I hear the crunch in my boots.

It is also a photographers dream of colour and shapes. The contrasts of colour and shapes create an awesome photography feel. (I will start taking the camera out on walks with Alfie)


Quote Side As

2. The air.

The air always feels more crisp and people make that change from summer clothes to autumn clothes. This is a change from flip flops to boots, no jacket to autumn jacket. I really love autumn fashion because of the shoes. Secretly I love the boots especially the knee high boots.



3. The shows

All my favourite shows start returning. I’ll admit I love American shows and Autumn is when they start their new season runs. It’s like they know that the weather is turning colder and people will stay inside. Clever studio executives.

I’m super excited for Arrow to return as I think this is the best of the DCU (DC universe for those who don’t know) but I’ll rant about that on another post. But I’m also excited for some new shows to keep me entertained in the colder nights.



4. The food

I saved the best for last. Who doesn’t love good food when the weather changes. It’s when Butternut squashes are the best tasting comfort food. Hot chocolates with marshmallows on top during your binge watch of shows and that never ending attempt at making casseroles with numerous ingredients.

Autumn is definitely the time of year to experiment with food and use more root vegetables such as parsnips, butternut squashes and aubergines. It’s a generally yummy season.



Well thats my favourite season but unfortunately it’s followed by a really cold one so thats the downside.


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