Sometimes it’s good not to live up to a gender stereotype.

I’m a girl and I do like things that a girl is supposed to like. I like shopping and handbags. But I don’t always like Pink and unicorns. I like getting down and dirty and playing rough. I like working out and lifting weights. I love playing games and reading comics.

The question I’m asking throughout this is: Should I really care about the stereotypes?

I grew up around two brothers (I have four but don’t really see the others) so I grew up with the motto Learn to fight back or get hurt which in my defence I did and my brothers got punched a lot and I got away with it because they were told to stop picking on your sister. Win Win.

But did this effect my in my future choices. Well I think it might have.

Let me explain. One of my brothers is a little bit older than the other one so he was really into game consoles and when he lived with us he had the most up to date console there was. This was a Playstation 2 (I know so retro) with Grand Theft Auto and I’m talking the 8-bit style GTA. Anyways, Myself and my other brother were allowed to play on the Playstation when he let us.

GTA-1-violence (1)

Top 10 HQ

So we would be playing GTA and playing the who can last longer in a police car chase game and I think that’s where my passion grew from. However even in the modern world this is still not expected from girls like me and is still granted as a phase.

Another reason I don’t like up to a stereotype is I love reading comics and graphic novels of my favourite superheroes. This is definitely not expected of a girl like me and again is called a phase because of the movies that are currently out which are a little superhero based. But I was watching Batman when I was a little girl in a dress and loved the caped crusader all this time. (hint the reason he’s my favourite superhero). My knowledge of superhero is outstanding and really helps when people have questions.



I still believe in this modern world a girl is expected to like dolls and horses and a boy is expected to like cars and monsters. When I have children this will not be the case. If they want to watch Batman like I did then they can. If they want to play dress up in a dress they can. Who am I to dictate what they should do. It never did me any harm. I’m a graduate media student who has a passion for social media and photography and I believe this wouldn’t be the case if I didn’t have those early passions.





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