Why #WcW is important and why it can also be seen as bad…

WCW is an acronym for Woman Crush Wednesday which started on Twitter back in 2013 when people began stating their crushes using that particular hashtag.

Many people started wondering what it was to begin with, wrestling fans thought that the World championship wrestling was returning. Sorry guys it’s not but there are still loads of wrestling shows so enjoy them (sister/daughter to wrestling fans)



Anyways back to WCW and why it is so important in todays media. Every Wednesday I always seen on my Twitter feed online magazines and websites stating who their women crush of the week is and it’s backed up with interesting facts about that person. This is great. I have yet to see someone who doesn’t deserve it so that’s brilliant.

For normal, none interesting people like me it’s nice to see celebrities as everyday people and see that most have come from humble beginnings or worked their way to the top. This is inspiring as it makes people like myself think that maybe one day I too will achieve my goals.

I have a few Women crushes and it’s mainly for their story rather than their looks. Although my top three are extremely attractive but I’ll get to that later.

So why can this be seen as bad, well people admire these celebrities on a weekly basis but then it encourages the younger generation to try to be like their new favourite celebrity. This is okay if they go down the route of career and success but it’s not okay if they go down the way of body image and they become obsessed with the way they look. This is how eating disorders are found. Believe me I know.

Hopefully this is a rare occurrence and doesn’t happen because of the hashtag. I know normally there are a lot of underlying reasons people such as myself become sick but I’m no therapist/doctor and everyone is unique in every way.

I personally like Women Crush Wednesday as I find it inspiring and it helps me get over some of my inner demons because I can see that celebrities are normal people and I admire them for that. Keep Hashtagging because maybe I’m not the only one inspired?

My top 3 #WCW

3. Blake Lively

Why because she’s clever, funny and talented. She’s also an avid baker and incredibly down to earth. She could have turned into her character from Gossip Girl but she didn’t. She’s also humble and married to the handsome Ryan Reynolds. Oh and did I mention she has kick-ass style. #WCW and #stylecrush



2. Emma Stone

Now Emma Stone is on this list because I think she’s a quirky girl next door. I can imagine just sitting down with her to get coffee or hitting the shops. I loved her since I first saw her in Easy A (one of my favs) and found her hilarious in most films but she can also play serious because just look at The Help. She is no longer the teenage girl she once was she is now a sophisticated women and I love her for it.



1. Britt Robertson

Now I have loved Britt Robertson for years ever since I saw her as Lux Cassidy in Life Unexpected (if you haven’t watched it then go and watch it because it’s brilliant). She’s nearly the same age as me and I have pretty much grown up watching her. She is humble and funny. Beautiful and clever. I could see her as being a someone who would quite easily sit around in lounge wear with you all day and watch trashy films. She is my type of person and a role model for me personally. I watch everything she’s in and was so  when Secret Circle was cancelled because she really shined. She can play a range of characters and emotions and I could go on for hours so I’m going to stop now hehe.



Interview Magazine

Honorable Mention

Italia Ricci

I haven’t seen her in a lot yet but loved her in Chasing Life. I also follow her on Twitter and Instagram and I love the way she is totally normal and obsessed with Pizza. Can’t wait to see more.


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