Why the selfie gives self confidence

A selfie. Yes it’s a millennial thing which can be annoying but actually it does help people in every day life. Take me for example. I hated having my photograph taken. I was always behind the camera rather then in front of it.

Then the idea of selfies came around. I was reluctant at first but changed my mind once I saw how socially acceptable it became. My first selfie is really embarrassing. See for yourselves.


This was before the world of Snapchat. Now my selfies are much better.


But all this taking photos of myself or with a group of friends has really boosted my confidence. I am now happy to pose for photos and especially selfies. If I think I look good then I take a selfie. I might not share them but their there to remind me that I can look good and feel great.

A lot of the older generation seem to think that Selfies are a bad thing but I think they are a good way of getting a younger generation to love themselves. My nephew loves Snapchat (I know he’s only two) but everytime he uses it he smiles and giggles. It makes him feel happy so I don’t understand why thats such a bad thing.

I think that Selfies should become a new form of portraiture as some selfies are better then the standard portrait photograph. A real personality can shine through instead of being forced to do it and look awful.

They are also a good way to take a group photo with your friends to become memorable from a special occasion.

Selfies will be around for a few more years if not forever so I’ll enjoy the confidence burst while I can.


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