Zumba – why the millenials are missing out

Now okay, I don’t classify as a Millennial becuase i’m a 90’s kid at heart but millianials are nearly getting to my age (I refuse to age) and they are missing a great, fun, calorie burning exercise called Zumba.

If you haven’t heard of Zumba then it’s a exercise routine/class where you are basically trying to dance following an instructor. Which in other words means you are trying your hardest not to fall over your own feet.


I first joined a Zumba class with my Sister-in-law last year while my nephew was younger and it was easier to sneak out of the house. (it’s really not easy now). She went to a evening class near her house and one day I stayed over and we tried it. Thats when I feel in love with the exercise.

Everyone there were different sizes and ages but they were all trying to have fun while getting in some exercise. It was brilliant and I really enjoyed it. So we continued going for a few weeks untilĀ the class stopped for Summer Holidays.

So I stopped Zumba for a little while until we went to a Women’s only morning at My sister in Laws gym. We saw that Zumba was on the list so we agreed to go to the class.


NEVER AGAIN. This class was awful. There wasno personal feeling towards the group ad it felt like we were taking part in a army training session rather then having fun.

So we stopped again.

So a few months ago I joined a new gym because I moved back from Uni and needed to keep up with my routine. Well a friend of mine suggested joining the Monday morning Zumba class with her. Because of the awful experience from my last session I was a little bit anxious. I was wrong to be.

The instructor there called Karen HIx is lovely and I love my mondays because I know I get to go to Zumba and have a great time while doing so. She is personal and you laugh through the whole class. Makes Mondays doable.


But this is the thing. I think a lot of younger people think that Zumba is for the older generation which I think is a load of rubbish. A lot of younger people love to dance so why not try to dance and do a routine? I love it and rave about Zumba which is why I will be sad when I get a full time job which might not be local. Not because I’ll miss my parents, Dog and rest of my family. Because I’ll miss zumba.

Go on give it a go. You won’t regret it.


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