Portfolio – Video

Below find my portfolio of videos I have created since I became fond of media.

Let me know what you think 🙂

Bingo: A dying Industry – Short Documentary

A short documentary about a small bingo hall in Loughborough and how it competes with the rival clubs such as Gala and Mecca

Alone: Mental health Awareness – Group Documentary

This was a short documentsry raising awareness of mental health issue surrounding students and how De Montfort University help tackle these problems.

Group: Shawnee Linstead, Anne-Marie Lees, Rachel King.

Special Thanks to Lauren Pritchard and Keira Rounsley

After Effects Showreel

A showreel created to show the numerous effects which can be created on Adobe After Effects

Remembering Me – Trailer

A short trailer made using After Effects and Premiere Pro. Thanks to Alice Priestly for helping me out on the creation of this trailer

April Joy – Opening Credits

A opening credit sequence credit using only Adobe After Effects

Showreel – 2013

A showreel created before the start of university. This work dates back to my college time.

Christmas in a day

This was a personal product of mine. This consisted of out christmas a few years ago. I became inspired by the Sainsburys advert and felt the need to emulate a video in the same way. This was filmed using a flip video camera and a Iphone 5c.


A short trailer made during my college years. One of my very early pieces of work.



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