How Twitter might Help in your job search

Okay, I’m still looking for that proffesional job within the social media industry and I thought I would share with you something I learnt during this search. Use Twitter to help you look.


Learn Your Hashtags

If you looking for a graduate job then start by using hashtags such as #Gradjobs and #internships. These will help you connect with other people who are looking or companies and recruitment agencies who are advertising. I managed to find a few jobs around my area who were looking for people like me. Whether they were successful is yet to be established.

Don’t be afraid to look at specific companies

Companies sometimes use twitter to advertise specific jobs within their industry. Don’t always look for companies which are known in your field either, look at companies who might not be specialised in lets say the media field but are looking for people who can help on their social media presence.

Choose who you follow

I have managed to find lots of different recruitment agencies through twitter and they list new jobs everyday so thats a handy way of minimising the search. I also have followed specific agencies which specialise in the media field as again it helps the search.

Reach out through tweets

I posted a post a few days ago stating that I was looking for a graduate job within the social media field. A few hours later I recieved a few new followers and someone had placed me within a specific group looking for graduate jobs and now I have my tweets looked at by companies.

This in the long run might help with the search.


Heres a big one and it’s not just based on Twitter either use it on all forms of social media.

Don’t post stupid stuff. I am guilty of this as many people are but not on Twitter as this is my main source of searching for jobs. Facebook: If you want to post rubbish or have a moan then make your account private. This way you will not be found by potential employers and will not ruin your chances at finding a job.


So thats it. That my advice on how to use Twitter within the job search.

Good Luck out there


Instance Meme





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