The joy of adoption (a rescue dog of course )


Having a dog in your life is certainly the best thing ever (if you disagree then you probably never had a dog). They are loyal, kind, sensitive, loving and a lot of fun.

I am a strong believer that you should adopt a dog from a shelter because these dogs have extra love to give and they need extra love to show them that humans aren’t all bad.

My Story

Around the age of 11 years old I wouldn’t stop pestering my parents into letting me have a dog. Finally they gave in and they agreed to start looking for a dog. They said that they couldn’t afford a brand new dog so we would more likely get one from a shelter. At this age I didn’t quite understand the meaning of a shelter. All I cared about was that I was getting a dog. I was so excited.

A few weeks later my parents told me and my brother that they had found a dog but would have to wait a few days just to see if someone came back and collected him and make sure he passed the tears before being released. We were basically getting a dog I had never met.

Let me introduce you to Lucky.


One of the very first pictures I took of him.

Lucky was one of the best dogs a girl could ever ask for. He was loyal, fun and full of energy. I say was because sadly he was put down in November last year. This broke my heart completely. I can’t remember a time where he wasn’t around. It still hurts today but I remember him everyday and I realised that he will never be forgotten and will always be a part of me.


One of the last pictures I took of him. Smiling away. 

Part two

After a few weeks after Luckys passing the house felt empty. Really empty. I really missed him over Christmas as I had come home from uni and I then realised how much of an impact one dog can have on your life.

It was over that period I sat down with my parents and asked them whether they would consider another dog. They said that if I felt ready then we would start looking at rescue shelters again.

We looked at a few but felt like there was no dog that really stood out. My parents then mentioned that we could go and have a look at the same place we got lucky from 13 years ago. So we went and I was certain that we wouldn’t find one as on there website they had a lot of pit bulls and staffys which we tried to avoid due to my young nephew.

While walking down one of the walk ways my parents told me to come back and have a look at a dog that I had completely walked by. (My mum did this when picking Lucky) when I went back to have a look this shy dog came close to the cage and let me say hello and have a look. There was an instant connection. The kennels asked us if we wanted to take him out for a walk. I wanted to so myself and my dad took him out for a walk. When we got back he came over to me and put his head on my lap. Instantly my parents knew that he was coming home with us.


This photo was taken on our first walk 4 months ago. He was shy, jumpy and very timid.

We took him home a week later on January 8th and named him Alfie (or as my nephew calls him Alfie dog) he has come far in the few months


Enter a caption

This was taken a few weeks ago. He loves the car and will do anything to just come for a ride.


This was taken on Thursday. He crept into my room and could hear people outside the front and wanted to have a look.

He has come so far in four months and will come further with love.

I hate to think what happened to him and Lucky so they had to be placed in a shelter but I’m glad knowing that we gave Lucky the best life he could ever have had and I’m thrilled we get to do the same with Alfie.

Lucky will never be forgotten and will always live on within my and my head but I’m glad we get to rescue another dog who is just as unique and I will always have a rescue dog because they deserve all the love you can give.


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