Why Ryan Reynolds was a underrated actor until Deadpool

Warning this article contains bad language.

Okay, I’ll be first to admit it that after Green Lantern (he almost lost me after X-Men Origins. I mean lasers, come on.) I lost all faith in Mr Reynolds. I even tried to avoid his films (really sorry). However since I watched Deadpool I totally changed back.


Now everyone is talking about how amazing Deadpool is and I’ll admit it that it really was good and after reading a few Deadpool comics I can see why he was made to play Deadpool, seriously. But to redeem myself in my hatred I went back to some of his older films and I realised why I loved him before Green Lantern.

Side note: Green Lantern isn’t all bad. You can see he really tried. I blame the director.

Waiting… (2005)

Okay so these aren’t in chronicical order but in the order I rewatched them and the availability I had to them so the first one I rewatched was Waiting.

Now if you haven’t seeen Waiting then basically it’s about a bunch of waiters who work at a resturant and how they communicate with each other and introduce a new guy to the world of waiting.

It stars Reynolds, Justin Long and Anna Faris and it’s hilarious. I’ve never worked in a resturant but it looks like it could be fun with a hell of a lot of stress. Still fun though. Reynolds plays Monty who basically is the player in the group and sleeps with anything. He introduces the newbie Mitch to the industry and gives him a behind the scenes look at how it is working at the restaurant. It’s really good and a definite watch for anyone who wants a laugh. Also reminds us: Don’t fuck with people that handle your food.


The Voices (2014)

Now I love this film. This film was on my avoidance list because of the film mentioned earlier and I’m ashamed to say I missed out. This film is Amazing. One of my all time favourtie perfomances and probably in the top ten favourite films.

The story is based around Gerry (Reynolds) who had a traumatic upbringing and suffers from a form of mental illness. He falls head over heels for a girl called Fiona (Gemma Arterton) but she isn’t really interested and they are involved in a slight altercations in which he ends up accidently killing her (spoiler, sorry) and basically on the word of his sadistic cat Mr Whiskers and lovable dog Bosco he continues to murder people and feel bad about it.

It truly is a brilliant watch and one of his finest. Theres also a ridiculously catchy song at the end which will get stuck in your head. I love the character so much because he’s relatable and he feels so alone with his thoughts and pets that he feels the need to have them around for the company even though they are basically the depicition of the angel and devil on your shoulder.

It’s a great film so if you haven’t seen it then it’s on Netflix so get going.


Indie Wire

Van Wilder (2002)

Where he made his name. Van Wilder: Party Liaison. This is where you get to see a wide range of Reynolds comic talent and saucy puns. If American colleges were like this then I would be there in a heartbeat.

The storyline goes that college student Van Wilder gets cut off from his dad’s funding for college after studying for 7 years without graduating. School reporter Gwen Pearson (Tara Reid) is assigned to cover his story and get it published in the paper. Unwillingly she gives Van a job at organising other peoples parties which then subsquently pays for his tuition. The two end up falling in love and it becomes your typical college rom/com.

It’s really funny and a good watch as you get to see Reynolds stretch his comedic talent and play another role which was almost made for him. There is a scene however that nearly makes me throw up everytime so be warned.


It’s so bad its brilliant so sit down one night and watch it. However don’t eat and watch because of the formentioned scene.



Mississippi Grind (2015)

One of his newer films and one I love.

Mississippi Grind is based around two degenerate gamblers who are on the hunt for a casino in New Orleans. It’s bascially a road movie but it’s so good as you get to see two characters struggle with a gambling addiction which struck close to home for me.

Reynolds is joined by Ben Mendelsohn (Animal Kingdom, The Dark Knight Rises) and it’s a completly independent movie which was shot beautifully. Mendelsohn is the main lead within this film and he steals the show playing Gerry, a character who has gotten really deep with his addiction and is always looking for the next game to play. He meets Reynolds character Curtis at a poker table and an unlikely friendship is born over poker and winfred (some form of booze) and they come up with a plan to travel the country in Gerry’s car. They make stops to get their hit and meet Simone, who is Curtis’s on-off girlfriend. It’s a really buddy movie with ups and down and it’s such a good watch. I started watching it at 1 in the morning and was hooked and watch the entire film. It’s so good.

sc-miss-grind-mov-review-20150930-20151002-001Chicago Tribune

Buried (2010)

Now this film is a controversial one. It only has 1 1/2 stars on Netflix and I don’t know why. It kept me gripped. It’s also amazing how it was done in such a short period of time.

Paul Conroy (reynolds) is a truck driver who has been working in Iraq delivering aid when his convoy is kidnapped. We don’t see any of this. It starts with Paul being gagged in a box which turns out to be a coffin. He is placed with a lighter, a phone and a few more bits which are not much help. Throughout the film he is being given tasks and requests by the kidnpappers while trying to communicate with the FBI to get himself out of the coffin.

It’s amazing and kept me gripped throughout. The reason why it’s so clever in shooting is that there are no other actors present throughout the film. Yes we hear their voices but we don’t see them. We only see Reynolds in the box. Clever right!

It’s a genuinely gripping film and will have you hooked if you give it a chance. I watched it in the gym the first time and literally shouted at my iPad (not the first time) at the end. Really give it a try. You won’t be dissappointed.



Smokin’ Aces (2006)

Now this is a film I would not like at all because it’s never really been my type of film but I really enjoyed this film. All of the cast were outstanding and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t watched it earlier because I like Ben Affleck so that was suprising.

Reynolds plays FBI agents Messner who is told to stop a bunch of low life criminals from killing Buddy Israel who is under witness protection. Basically there is a lot of shooting amongst all the characters and we get to see a very raw Reynolds who plays his character really well. I really liked the ensemble of characters and would recommend this film to anyone who likes a good shot-em up film.


Honarable mentions (characters and films)

Hannibal king: Bad film. Good character.

fuck me sideways.gif


The Proposal (2009): Funny film. Good cast. Worth a watch

Definitely, Maybe (2008): Cute film. Funny moments

Just Friends (2005): Quite funny. A good watch. Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds reunited.

Amityville Horror (2005): Not scary. Good to kill a few hours. Ryan Reynolds is good as a demonic possessed step dad. (bonus he takes his top off a lot)



The Croods (2013): Great voiceover from a great cast. I love Emma Stone so this movie was a must see by me and they were all great. Great family film and rumour has it there is a second one (inner fan girl scream)


Cinema Blend

Deadpool (2016)

Okay, I couldn’t write a blog about Ryan Reynolds without writing about Deadpool. Now your all probably aware that this is one of the biggest films to hit the cinema and that’s because it took so long for the studio to make it (didn’t take them that long to commission a second one though)



(SPOILER ALERT: although by now if you’ve not seen it shame on you)

Wade Wilson is struck down in the prime of life with terminal cancer where he goes into the Weapon X program to try and cure him so he can return to the love of his life and live a normal life. However due to a torture device he becomes horribly scarred and disformed and seeks revenge on AJAX for turning him into what he was and with the hope of changing back. He also become very self aware that he’s in a comic book movie and breaks the forth wall.

For such a low budget compared to other Marvel films they did amazing. Seriously. The puns and jokes at the budget and especially the jokes and subtle hints about Ryan Reynolds truly make this film unique and so funny. It’s also the closest thing to a comic book adaptation i’ve seen. I’ve only been reading Deadpool comics for a bit but it’s so close I can’t read them without hearing Deadpools voice. Amazing.

If you haven’t seen it then get it now if your in America or if your in Britain you’ll have to wait just under a month before you can. Everyone needs to see this film.




I apoligize to Mr Ryan Reynolds. I’m sorry for judging you based on a bad movie and I know it wasn’t your fault. Please never stop doing what your doing and continue to be brillaint on Twitter because you do keep me entertained.

P.S he’s really good looking just putting it out there 🙂





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