Photographers who inspire

They say everyone has an inspiration in what they do and i believe that it is true. Whether that means walking down the street and seeing some graffiti and being inspired to draw or whether it is inspiration for a change on a classic recipe. People will always inspire other people.

One place I tend to find inspiration is photography. Since I started my final year at university I have been looking to other photographers for inspiration on how to become a better photographer. Below are just a few who are an inspiration in work I have achieved.

Peter Lik

Peter Lik is a photographer who was born in Australia. He is quoted as saying that he took his photograph at 8 and hasn’t stopped since. He is known predominately for his landscape photography using a panoramic camera and captures the beauty of his landscape by making the colours the piece of his photography.

News_InnerPeace_1Lik Photography


My own

Christian Vieler

Christian Vieler came up on my radar when I was researching into High Speed Photography. He basically takes pictures of dogs attempting to catch treats. It’s the facial expressions which stood out to me as they are more of a humour aspect and I really wanted to try this with my dog Alfie. To say the least they were not successful.

Christian-Vieler-Dogs-Catch-Treatsawesome inventions

As you can see, not so successful

Kilian Schönberger

Kilian was actually my inspiration for inspiration week. I just loved his landscape photography and the freezing of the landscape. I also believed that it was totally doable within the UK (more specifically Leicestershire). Turns out it nots really that doable. I attempted and failed. I will try again when I become more mobile and can see more of the UK and the world.


Be Coultique


Clare Barboza

Clare Barboza is an inspiration for me for my final year project. I took a lot of inspiration when taking my food photography photos. She loves telling stories with her photographs and I tried to emulate that with my photographs. Whether i was successful is soon to be told.


Healthy Green Kitchen


John Mueller

John Mueller is a HDR photographer and once again sprung up while doing research. He really captures the colours and the contrast in his HDR and proves that they are slightly unrealistic which is what HDR photos should do. This is to make them stand out.


The Photo Argus


Inspiration will always inspire photographers and one day I hope to have my photos where they can inspire the next generation.


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