10 Places I want to visit

I believe that I am a person who will always have a travellers itch. This is a travellers itch to visit and take some amazing photos and try some amazing food. This all started last August when I went to Paris.

Here is a list of places I want to visit before I die:

1. Canada


Canada Landscape

Oh how I wish to go to land of the rocky mountains. This is the dream location. I plan to live here at some point in my life. It’s a photographers dream with the stunning mountains and the beautiful scenery. Plus side it they speak mostly English which is a bonus and they eat healthy. Ideal.

On a side note: as a soon to be graduate media production student. Vancouver is where it’s all happening so it would be nice to see.

One day, dreams will come true.

2. USA


New York City

The land of the free and the home of the stunning sites and amazing food. My dream is to start in New York and travel the whole country and see all the sights the tourists see but I also want to see the smaller towns/cities and meet the people and learn their stories. I already planning the cost, so this may be a reality.


3. Amsterdam


Amsterdam in the spring its meant to be beautiful. Amsterdam in the Summer is meant to be beautiful. Amsterdam in the Autumn is beautiful. Amsterdam in the Winter is meant to be beautiful. Bottom line Amsterdam is meant to be beautiful.

The cafes are meant for visiting. The red light district is worth a look but the river is where it is at. From a photographers point of view I expect it to be worth a visit. One day

4. Italy


Again, I want to do the same thing in Italy as America. I want to see it all. I really want to see Venice before it sinks, eat pizza at the leaning tower of pisa, try to sing opera badly in a colosseum and eat real gelato. See Italy for what Italy is. Be a tourist and be a Italian.

5. Australia


Australia is a beautiful place full of wonderfully long beaches and creepy as hell insects and animals. I plan to go one day when I get over my fear of creepy crawlies. This might never happen but one day I will go to Australia and try vegemite. Just because

6. Africa


I want to go on safari here one day. Ever since I was a little I want to see little Simbas and Naila’s run around (I love the lion king) and take some truly breathtaking photos. Hopefully one day this will happen.

7. Japan


The culture is meant to be spectacular and the people incredibly friendly. The scenery is stunning as most of the tourist sights evolve around old forgotten times and this makes me curious. I want to meet the people, I want to see the sights, I want to eat real Japanese.

8. Germany

germany-frankfurt-romerberg-old-town.jpgFrankfurt, Germany

I have a good friend who is of German decent and he talks about all the amazing places in Germany as well as the culture. All of this talking about the places really made me crave a trip to Germany and he has promised to take me one day and show me the Germany he loves.

9. Malaysia

kuala-lumpur-wallpaper-2.jpgKuala Lumpur

My sister-in-law is half Malaysian and she and my brother went there on their honeymoon. Every since I have really wanted to go and see all the sights they did and more. I also love the food as I have been introduced a lot to it through her family as they have adopted me as one of their own. I hope that one day I can go and maybe even go with them and my beautiful nephew.

10. Scotland


I mean for a photographer, Scotland is heaven. It can be a good day weather wise or a bad day you’re still going to get an interesting picture. I also want to try a deep friend mars bar one day just because the conception of one sounds weirdly delicious.

These are all dreams and hopefully one day will become a reality. I really need to start saving.


One thought on “10 Places I want to visit

  1. Malaysia and Australia are truly beautiful and I know you would have a place to stay when you make it over there!


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