A little bit excited

Sorry I didn’t update yesterday. I’m trying a new timetable for blogging. I’m limiting myself to three good photos a week. (4 if I eat out somewhere or make something amazing)

Anyways this is kind of unrelated to the whole thing but I wanted to share something that happened on Instagram today (@lizzydrip91)

A professional photography said he liked my work. I know for other people that’s no big deal but for me, a complete amateur in the field of photography that was huge. I’m kind of amazed that someone even looked at the photo let alone took the time out to comment. I’ll post the photo below so you can see my skepticism.

Also another side note. Thanks for looking at my blog posts. I really appreciate it and it will help me with my uni work. I’m glad you are all liking what I post because I’m really enjoying it so I may even continue long after uni has finished so watch this space.


See nothing really special just a photo of some autumnal leaves. (My favourite season btw)

P.s I may have a video log post for you at some point also to do with uni so keep an eye out.  I might be the next Zoella (unlikely). If you have any ideas of what I could vlog about please let me know.


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