A 24 year old’s guide to Paris: Getting to my hotel was a journey alone

I’m in love. No not with a Man, Not even a country (even though Paris is stunning but more of that later) I’m in love with travelling. I loved the sense of seeing a completely brand new country (to me) and exploring somewhere I have never seen. I have been inspired to look at different countries even though I know I can’t afford it but it never hurts to look. Anyways let’s do this.

I’ll start by telling you the hell of a journey I had on my way to Paris. Firstly I was postponed next to a drunk french man who was chatting to someone in Paris and the only bit of the conversation ‘I can’t wait to take you to bed’ lovely. Anyways I sat next to him by the window casually reading my book and then he decided to go to sleep next to me. Which was not good because I was then blocked in completely and being too ‘British’ I just patiently waited until I could move. This however was when we hit Gard Du Nord. 2:30 hours stuck by a window sill and I couldn’t move. I could not have gotten off the train quicker. I literally ran into the station but stopped when I became completely overwhelmed by my new surroundings. My first thought was I know I needed to get the metro to get to my hotel. This seemed easier than it looked. Thank you Google Maps.

(If you ever go to Paris make sure you download google maps to your phone. It will save your life.)

I aimed to get the metro but ended up on the RER line B which took me to Notre Dame and then the plan was to get line C which would take me to the Eiffel Tower and then I could walk from there to my hotel. This was the plan. Did not happen that way. I managed to get the RER line B to Notre Dame but I could not get Line C because of maintenance works.


(I did get to see the Notre Dame earlier than planned and hear the bells. I started to quote The Hunchback of Notre Dame at this point)

So according to my logic the Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower were not that far apart from each other so it couldn’t hurt to walk right? Wrong. It’s a lot further than it shows you on maps and you can’t even see it which can be a little off-putting when your on your own in a strange country.

Anyways I decided to keep going because I know from logic that the Eiffel Tower is near the river so I thought about just following it around and eventually I would stumble across it. It was a long walk.

I did walk a good 30 minutes before I thought about finding out where I was going. My first thought was to find out where I am by looking on Google Maps. Seriously saved my life many times during my expedition. I realised that I was not that far from another metro stop so I continued walking. This metro was also shut I was starting to think I would never get to my hotel. I did however stumble across something I thought no longer existed which was the ‘Love Lock’ bridges. I had read that they were taking them away and that made me quite sad because I wanted to see it and it still existed. Second plus to my first day.

Me looking a little lost but extremely please the Love Lock Bridge is still existent.

Me looking a little lost but extremely please the Love Lock Bridge is still existent.

In the end I ended up contacting my brothers girlfriend Emily (she lives near Paris) and she directed me to the nearest metro stations but it turned out it was right near a Batobus stop which I know stops outside across the road from the Eiffel Tower and I had it booked for the next two days so I paid €10 euros and hopped on. It turned out to be quite educational as I realised where all the main tourist attractions were in relation to my hotel. I hopped of the stop before the Eiffel tower and Googled Mapped it and finally made it to my hotel.

I have never been happier to see a friendly hotel concierge. He talked to me and complemented me and made my hell of a journey feel like ages ago. I checked in and checked out my room. Changed my shoes and I was off to the Champs Elysee.


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