Slightly Off Topic – Upcoming Trip

Hi All,

As you are probably aware if you’ve been reading my blog I’m off on a trip to Paris for three days in Two Week. I know two weeks. It’s come around so quickly. Well the closer it’s getting the more nervous it is to say that I am getting. I will be a solo traveller but that doesn’t worry me, what worries me is the fact I will look like a tourist and people will take advantage of that.

Is there any advice from people who have been to the city of romance about how not to look like a tourist. As well as this any advice on what to see and what to avoid.

I’ve been looking and I have the main attractions in the list but does anyone know of any unknown or low key attractions that are worth the look.

This is my first trip abroad so I’m very excited but getting more nervous. Any advice would and will help.

Thanks Fellow Bloggers.


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