Trip to the Park (Experimenting with an high ISO)

Today was a beautiful day and when I finished work I decided to take my trusty iPhone with my trusted app Camera+ and go and have an experimenting session with the high ISO setting within the app.

For those who don’t know ISO is when you change adjust the cameras sensitivity to light the LOWER the ISO the less sensitive and the HIGHER the ISO the more sensitive and these normally create a slow motion shot or a camera Blur. See below

1610963_10153535785584052_796300145212828560_n (1)

As you can see because of the high ISO the lights from the car create a motion blur. I’m hoping to recreate this later in the week with a few more cars.

So by increasing the ISO on my iPhone I managed to slow down the drops of water from the fountains in the park. There is also reflections within some of the photos I hope you enjoy.


I like this shot because of the reflection of the flowers within the statue. (The statue is a war memorable statue)


If you look carefully at this image the fountain is slowed down by using the high ISO


The reflection that has been caught within the river. (I love reflections)


This is one of my favourite shots of the afternoon because it has a high ISO so the fountain is slowed down and the reflections of the clouds can be seen.

10407865_10153537338009052_7091957858663585858_n 11202606_10153537338024052_4843998822640099290_n 11745951_10153537337634052_6789094262403239659_n 11755661_10153537338074052_210007174019376034_n

All of these are taken with a ISO of 3000 seconds. This helps create the slowed down affect. I’m hoping with a better camera one day I will be able to slow them down so the droplets are more noticeable.

P.S I’m sorry for the not so great quality. Its because iPhone cameras are not the best but still pretty good.


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