I am kind of obsessed with photographing reflections of items within water or mirrors. I don’t know the exact reason why but I think theres something that shows a true object within the reflection. I was always taught that if something didn’t have a reflection then it wasn’t to be trusted. Hey if you think about it Vampires don’t have reflections.


The reflections of the old building in the cobble steps creates a fantastic but spooky feel to the photograph. Adds a element of drama if you ask me.


There is something quite creepy about branches reflected in a puddle. I don’t know whether its because this photo was taken in the autumn and the trees have lost their leaves but I think that within the summer seasons. It would still look quite creepy.


The reflection within the mirror was purely coincidental. It shows an element of peace and something about the reflection makes the image seem new.


The reflection of the bridge makes the bridge look like a double. The bridge creates a joining of the two sources of real and reflection. I admire the image because I think that it creates such an interesting image and I hope to be able to go down and take the image again with a professional camera and create the true reflection.


The final image is that of a reflection of a old factory near where I live. This is interesting because it makes the old building look almost new. This also helps the viewer to see what they cannot without looking for it. This again was taken by accident and ended up being part of my Project 365

Reflections will and I think will always fascinate me and I’m sure you will see more images involving them.


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