Welcome everyone to my photography site. I’m not much of a photography genius just an average University student who enjoys taking photos in her spare time. I also am a participant in the Project 365 project and plan of doing the 30 days of summer project starting in August.

This blog is for all those who are interested in my photos and see how I am getting on with the project.

A little bit about me

Well My name is Anne-Marie and I’m 24 years old and I am studying Media Production BsC at De Montfort University. I started taking an interest in photography within my first year of study and every since then it has become a passion of mine. I mainly use main stream social network Instagram for my photos as it has become second nature. All though I do go out with a camera on a regualar basis and take some interesting shots.

I’m hoping to expand my knowledge during my Third and Final year at Uni where I will be studying Photography as a Module and hope to do my dissertation based on it.

Anyways I thought I would start this blog purely out of fun so if your visiting then I hope you enjoy my photos.


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